Crew: Gremlinz

Residence: USA


Crew: Yawgoons

Residence: USA

Mission: Leave a mark in the snowboarding

Strange brew

Crew: Strange brew

Residence: USA

Too Hard

Crew: Too Hard

Trash league

Crew: Trash league

Residence: Canada

Ninja squad

Crew: Ninja squad

Residence: Bulgaria


Mark Goodall

Name: Mark Goodall

Nickname: Predator

Occupation: dun know mon

Sponsors: CAPiTA, Union, Deeluxe, Stinky, Dialogue, Electric

Date of Birth: Dec 10th 1992

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Current Location: Guelph, Ontario

Last movie you watched: The Quantum Revolution

Music on highest rotation : MGMT

Best trip: Mushrooms

Interest beside skate/snow: chillen

Favorite shredders : Scott Stevens, Joe Sexton, Brandon Hobush, Phil Jacques, Jed Anderson, Grenier, Louif, Ryan Paul, Forest Bailey

Austin Young

Name: Austin Young

Nickname: AY

Occupation: Fishing/Camping in the Summer, Fishing/Snowboarding in the Winter.

Sponsors: Stinky, Arbor Snowboards, 686 Outerwear, I.S. Eyewear, Oneballjay Wax, House Of 1817

Date of Birth: Valentines Day 1987

Hometown: North Branch, MN

Current Location: North Branch, MN

Last movie you watched: Role Models

Music on highest rotation: Wu Tang Clan

Best trip: Best trip ever is when the water is just warming and you can get out on the river. Set up camp, and do what ever you want!

Interest beside skate/snow: Fishing and Camping

Favorite shredders: All the kids on the rope tows at Trollhaugen. These kids know that snowboarding is for snowboarding….they keep it more real than most.

Final words: If you are not falling, you are not learning.

Jake Schaible

Name: Jake Schaible           

Nickname: Schaibs

Occupation: Professional Daydreamer

Sponsors: Stinky Socks, Flux Bindings, Arbor Snowboards & Smith Optics

Date of Birth: 09/09/1989

Hometown: Corona, Ca

Current Location: Big Bear Lake, Ca

Last movie you watched: City of God

Latest skate/snow video you watched : Grant Taylor SOTY

Music on highest rotation: Big L, EPMD, Gangstarr, 90′s Hip Hop

Best trip: One of the best trips i’ve been on would have to be Mammoth Mountain late spring. All the homies are out, suns out and it’s always a good time.

Interest beside skate/snow: Hockey, Golfing, cruising to the beach, pretty much anything outside.

Favorite shredders : All the homies!

Nick Dirks

Name: Nick Dirks

Occupation: snowboard

Current Location: Oregon, USA

Andrew Brewer

Nickname: Brewer

Occupation: Snowboarder

Sponsors: Stinky, Technine, DVS,, JammyPack, Cakeatr, Ambig Clothing

Date of Birth: 6/17

Hometown: Monument, CO

Current Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Last movie you watched: Manchurian Candidate

Latest skate/snow video you watched:  VideoGrass

Music on highest rotation: Metal, Hip Hop

Best trip: Vilnius Lithuania

Interest beside skate/snow: Motorcycles

Favourite shredders :  MFM, Travis Parker, Dudes I ride with

Final words: Keep Going!!

Mike Gray

Name: Mike Gray

Nickname: Eddie

Occupation: Snowboard

Sponsors: Stinky Sock, Arbor Snowboards, Flux, 686, Spy Optic, Celtek, Continuous Street, Active, Wend Waxworks

Date of Birth: 9/2/89

Hometown: Monrovia CA

Current Location: Mammoth Lakes CA

Last movie you watched: Me, Myself and Irene

Music : Tupac, Snoop, Dr Dre. All the old good shit

Best trip: Powder Mtn Utah

Interest beside skate/snow: Exploring the world, dabs, skate 2

Favorite shredders : wide variety, respect a lot of shredders out there.

Final words: shred hard

Erik Leon

Name:  Erik Leon

Nickname: Leon

Occupation: Professional Athlete/ Barista

Sponsors: Airblaster Arbor snowboards Wend Wax Flux bindings

Date of Birth: 10-11-94

Hometown: Riverside, Ca

Current Location:  Portland, Or

Last movie you watched: Almost Famous

Latest skate/snow video you watched: ?? I dont watch to much online content.. mostly fishing videos.

Music on highest rotation: Tame Impala Pandora station

Best trip: Arbor snowboards Dubai Trip

Interest beside skate/snow: Fly Fishing

Favorite shredders : Brandon Cocard, Chris Bradshaw, Ben Lynch, Every snowboarder in the universe

Final words: Have fun Go Board dont ever take snowboarding seriously, learn new things, be open minded, ride powder when possible, have fun.

Jeffy Gabrick

Name: Jeffrey Gabrick

Nickname: Jeffy

Occupation: Trollhaugen Park Crew

Sponsors: The Interior Plain Project, Neff Headwear, Ashbury Eyewear, Stinky Family, Trollhaugen, Chickenmeat Unlimited

Date of Birth: July 26th, 1988

Hometown: Linwood, Minnesota

Current Location: Linwood, Minnesota

Last movie you've watched: Southpark: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

Latest skate/snow video you watched (link): DAE by Underdawgs

Music on highest rotation: Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Electric Wizard, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin

Best trip: We went to Madison, Wisconsin to film for the new Bald Egal movie with Dan Tyler, Benny Milam and Brandon Larson which was a blast! I was able to get a chick from Tinder to deliver hot chocolate to the spot we were at and she shot photos with us for the next three days! Thanks Sam, Keith, Ben and Emily for making that memorable!

Interest beside skate/snow: Coffee, vinyl records, sobriety, the internet, cats.

Favorite shredders : Vinny, Ethan Deiss, Jake OE, Danimals, Jonas Michilot, Kyle Kennedy, Joe Sexton, Cody Beiersdorf, Austin Young, Boody, Jake Moore, Tommy Gesme, theres so many good riders out there that its hard to keep that list to somewhat of a select few!

Final words: Stay spooky, towropes are better then chairlifts, choose your own line, I love my cat (Pierre), Trollhaugen park crew holla!, hi vinny, hi snakey, hi bean, hi murphy, hi ben, hi starky, hi riley, hi ethan, hi david, hi blake, hi jesse, hi dan, hi colt, hi pete, hi don, hi boog, hi freak, hi tanner! Strange Brew are the kings of tahoe! Troll kids are the future. House of 1817 for life! RIP FLP Chickenmeatchickenmeatchickenmeat

Jesse Paul

Name: Jesse Paul

Nickname: Paul

Occupation: Snowboarder / Snowboard Coach / Student

Sponsors: Salomon Snowboards, Sugapoint, Bern, Ashbury, Common Apparel, Grenade, Pinewskis, Stinky Socks, The Impaler

Date of Birth: February 28, 1992

Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

Current Location: Minneapolis

Latest skate/snow video you watched: Kas Lemmens part

Music on highest rotation: The sounds of my board against snow and metal

Best trip: South Korea

Interest beside skate/snow: Photography / Anthropology / Design / Travel

Favorite shredders : Louif Paradis, Scott Stevens, Jed Anderson, all the Yawgoons dudes, and anyone else doing weird shit

Final words: Do stuff and get inspired

Bob Abrams

Name: Bob Abrams

Nickname: Cheddah B

Occupation: Boarder/ Fly Fisherman

Sponsors: Stinky Socks, Signal Snowboards, Smith Optics

Date of Birth: April 5th 1993

Hometown: Redlands, CA

Current Location: Eagle, Idaho

Last movie you watched: Into The Wild

Latest skate/snow video you watched: StinkyFamily Trolhaugen 2!!!!

Music on highest rotation: 90’s Hip Hop

Best trip: First time to Mt Baker in 2014, it snowed 8 feet the 3 days i was there. it was unreal!!

Interest beside skate/snow: Keeping my wallet filled, and kicking it with the homies!

Favorite shredders : Nicholas Muller, Keegan Valaika, Johnny Miller, Chris Bradshaw, Forest bailey, Jed anderson

Final words: You Are Knowbody Without Your Friends!

Jessi Blackwell

Name:  Jessi Alfredo Blackwell

Nickname: Alfredo Sauce
Occupation: Parkshaper and couach

Sponsors: Rough snowboards, Ashbury, Adidas, Landing, The Los Angeles river, old bastard tattoos  Jahlife, Stinky Socks

Date of Birth: 11 january 1993

Hometown: Emma Hjort Norway

Current Location: Geilo Mountain

Last movie you watched: Men in Black

Music on highest rotation: Eryka badu, on & on

Best trip: My buddie Jake got time off work so we decided to go out to oregeon for a week and shred mt hood. Definitely on of the best times i had that involved  good homies and shredding.

Interest beside skate/snow: i love Music alot, i like to take photos and be in nature oh and i started flyfishing alittle bit last summer.

Favorite shredders: Tyler Metzger, Mathias Norby, Erik Leon, Toby himmelstrup, Rasmus Nielsen, Alek oestreng, lucas magoon and chris bradshaw, oivind fykse, marius schafferer, roel oosterhout, cees wille, perry douglas , tyler lynch, Tommy gesme, maimai

Final words: Much Love to everyone hope your life is fun.

Masaki Toda

Name: Masaki Toda

Occupation: snowboard

Current Location: Japan

Jeffrey Sponzo

Name: Jeffrey Sponzo

Nickname: Sponzo

Occupation: Snowboarder

Sponsors: Gremlinz, Gbp, Gilaffe Snowboards, Big Mouth Highback packs, JSLV, Stinky Socks, Phunkshun Wear, Jammy Pack, Raw Papers

Date of Birth: Feb 17

Hometown: Holland, MA and Killington VT

Current Location: I'm currently Posted in Lake Tahoe, CA

Last movie you watched: Hangover 3, just not as good as the first one.

Music : 2 Chains, Riff Raff, lill Wayne. a lot more, idk… I just put the pandora on shuffle

Best trip: definitely the Gremlinz Busit tour

Interest beside skate/snow: Wakeboard, wakeskate, Boat life, camping, Traveling.

Favorite shredders : Bradshaw, Tyler Lynch, Niko Cioffi, Magoon, Yale, Sawyer Dean, Humphreys, n my lil homies Hans and Nils Mindnich.

Final words: We out here, doin our thing

Aleksi Kemilinen

Name: Aleksi Kemiläinen

Nickname: Epeli, A-Kem, Kemmu

Occupation: hmmm

Sponsors: Stinky Socks , Arbor snowboards , Flux bindings , TIKUT

Date of Birth: Sep 2th 1989

Hometown: Jyväskylä, Finland

Current Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

Last movie you watched: Kuningas Litmanen

Latest skate/snow video you watched : Videograss : Enlighten

Music : Rick Ross

Best trip: some summer shred trips to norway

Interest beside skate/snow: NHL 13 , beer , chillin with homies

Favorite shredders : Gus Engle , Jed Anderson,  Jake Oe ,  Danimals , Joe Sexton

Final words: Wherever you go There you are.

Joonas Eloranta

Name: Joonas Eloranta

Nickname: Jopi

Occupation: Part-time kindergarten teacher, full-time snowboard nerd.

Sponsors: Airblaster & Stinky Socks

Date of Birth: 24/05/89

Hometown: Joensuu

Current Location: Helsinki

Last movie you watched: Me, Earl and the dying girl

Latest skate/snow video you watched: LAKU PAAVI REMIX !!!!

Music on highest rotation: Anything Joe Strummer related

Best trip: Any Folgefonna trip when it doesn’t rain cats and dogs

Interest beside skate/snow: Pursuit of happiness

Favorite shredders: LAKU PAAVI and all SNACKBREAK homies!

Final words: Think global, act local any way you can!

Shane Sayers

Name: Shane Sayers

Occupation: snowboard

Current Location: California, USA

Mike Burton

Name: Mike Burton

Occupation: snowboard

Current Location: California, USA

Vladimir Ivanov

Name: Vladimir Ivanov

Nickname: Gibona

Occupation: Just skateboarding, chillin' killin' on the street

Sponsors: Stinky Socks, Blok shop, Nomad skateboards, Ashbury,

Date of Birth: 20 October 1989

Hometown: Rousse, Bulgaria

Current Location: Rousse, Bulgaria

Last movie you watched: Tom&Jerry

Music on highest rotation:  Hip-hop, Rap, Reggae

Best trip: Ooou man, they are too many. I can't really say which one is the best. When you are with good friends every trip is the BEST trip.

Interests beside skate/snow: Before I started with skateboarding I was 8 years in gymnastics, and I keep doing it in the winter just to keep my body in good shape. I'm also interested in  theology. I graduated Theology school and for me God is the most important thing in my life. Something bigger than everything else in my life.

Favorite shredders: Evangelos Markogiannakis, Giotis Gordios, Alex Carolino, Dave Bachinski, Rodrigo TX, Fabrizio Santos, Flo Marfaing, Bastien Salabanzi, Javier Sarmiento, Felipe Gustavo, Dwayne Fagundes

Final words: Do what makes you happy. Don't be a hater. Love your family and your brothers and sisters (from different mothers).

Never Forget Where You Came From



Yavor Ski

Name: Yavor Ski

Occupation: Skater

Location: California, USA