If you are reading this, you probably want to give a happy ending to your relationship with Stinky socks. They are meant to support your sports activities or to present you in public, so you might want to show them some respect.

Stinky socks will appreciate you hand-washing them but if you decide not to do so, please at least wash them inside-out, and at hand-wash program.

Bleach and chlorine are Stinky’s worst enemies. Keep them away from your socks. They just don’t get along.

Don’t iron Stinky socks. If you really want to do that, make sure you have another pair in close hand.

Don’t leave your Stinky pair of socks at the dry cleanings. They don’t deserve that torture.

And one last thing – never leave them home when you travel. Keep them on your feet when you shred, skate, or just show off at the club.