A day out with Keith Hardy

Dimo took his VHS and went to New York for a few days with Keith Hardy. Because of him he got to experience NY in a very fast-paced movie-like style.

Here is what Dimo had to say

“We skateboarded through rush hour traffic, got lost, crashed some parties for the free beer, bumped in some local celebrities, set up fireworks in the middle of a street and basically had some decadent fun in the city! Hardy is a man with great talent and heart, absolutely true to himself. Few days went by as few hours and I got to capture some of it on my little old 35 mm cam.”

Check what Dimo’s VHS cam captured out in LES skatepark and on the streets of NYC.

So this was part of Dimo’s 50 days trip to 21 countries around Europe and North America, read more of what happened during those days over C-Heads mag, just click here.