Have you ever wondered who’s the one that chooses the music for all of our video projects? Well wonder no more, those are the 32 songs that inspire our main video person – Dimo. Dimo is а director and editor, his featured documentary films are sweeping awards at the festival circuit all around the world.

Dimo’s creativity for Stinky is not only limited to the Stinky Movie and all the short films that we’ve been releasing, but for the designs of our socks line as well. The Stinky’s that you are now wearing while reading this are most probably designed by him.

Enjoy those two hours with his top song picks, and stay updated by following him over instagram @bratboydimo and his travel project @mr.tambourine.van. Let us know what you think about the “Good Music Fridays” feel free to request one from any of our family guys and we’ll make it happen for you. Drop us a note here, or DM us over IG for who’s playlist you would like to hear next.