Well I’ve been waiting for that GOOD MUSIC FRIDAY playlist since 2010. It’s a good decade but it’s worth it for the chance to pick up Justin Meyer’s brain on some good music. Justin needs no introduction, but if you are just landing from Mars, Justin is the man behind the most successful online series “Sunday In The Park” showcasing the bluebird days of snowboarding at Bear Mountain.
But that’s not all at all, he’s the driving force behind one of the most influential snowboard video production companies – “Videograss”. I’ve got hooked on VG with their first film in 2010 and ever since I wanted to know what music inspires Meyer.

He’s a very busy man, I’m hyped that he put this playlist together in between when he was spying his chickens with a web-cam.

Make sure to follow Justin on IG here, and Videograss here.

With no further a due, here is the playlist that he put together for you:

We created the “Good Music Fridays” series to find out what music inspires some of our favorite creative minds. Follow this link and check more playlists here.

Few tracks that were not on Spotify

Bellow are some out our favorite VG edits.