Marco is no stranger to those who follow the Salomon Snowboards’ team and their video projects.

You can notice his unique style in everything he does – filming, photography, riding bikes or just enjoying life at its fullest.

We caught up with Marco on the 52nd day of the self-quarantine in Italy and wanted to hear what kind of music inspires his lifestyle.

In-between working on a new Salomon Snowboards’ project called “Contour” that drops on Method Mag this November, Marco created this “Stinky” playlist for you. Listen to some good quality music and don’t forget to follow Marco Morandi on Instagram here.

We created the “Good Music Fridays” series to find out what music inspires some of our favorite creative minds. Follow this link and check more playlists here.

For the snowboard geeks here are some of our favorite edits that Marco created.