We are huge fans of Mihaela and her stalker illustrations for years now. Her passion for music and stalking rockstars got her drawing fantastic illustrations of make-believe stardom moments of her favorite artists. She doesn’t limit her creativity to music, currently she joined a power group of women including her sister – Borislava, to collab and create an illustrated educational book for young girls. The book is called “Vagina Matters” and it should be on the book shelves soon. We decided to feature her in the “Good Music Friday” series, because her illustration landed on the merchandise of the Cage The Elephant band.

This long selection of fine music is worth your while. It’s Friday so crack a drink, grab a book and listen to her “🔮Closer🔮” playlist.

Make sure to follow Mihaela on Instagram here and find some of her illustrations bellow the playlist.

We created the “Good Music Fridays” series to find out what music inspires some of our favorite creative minds. Follow this link and see our first post here, more to follow.