Miroslav Dzhingibi is an artist base our of our hometown, the town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria. His openminded persona stands behind an impressive and outstanding artwork. Combining techniques and colors Miroslav creates his own visual world.

He’s also pretty damn good in creating other stuff as well, his passion for art turned an old mountain house into an Art Residence not too while ago. Since we’ve been stuck at the warehouse quarantine ourselves we wanted to hear the soundtrack of the NoPoint Atelier. So here is a fine selection of tunes that he put together for this week’s Good Music Friday. Before you move forward with the playlist make sure to follow his personal IG account here and the NoPoint IG account here. Here is the “Stinky” playlist:

We created the “Good Music Fridays” series to find out what music inspires some of our favorite creative minds. Follow this link and check more playlists here.