Interview: Nolita NO

Sophia, also known as Nolita No is the winner of our first annual 2020 Stinky Socks Design contest. She nailed it with her “See Through You”  we couldn’t be happier to push the button and produce it alongside our Spring 2021 line.

We are catching up with her in Salford, UK, while she just got to see her socks design for the first time.

Can you introduce yourself? 

Hi, I am Sophia but some call me Nolita. When I am not sleeping, I draw. I like gigs, ice cream, and nice people who sing aggressively. 

Where are we catching you up right now? 

In my home studio in Salford, on the floor, feet on the radiator, brew in one hand, keyboard in the other.

What made you join the Stinky Socks Design Contest in 2020?

I have an unhealthy obsession with socks and a pretty big ego(as everyone who creates), so having my own design printed on Stinky Socks is the ultimate self-boost. Won’t stop bragging in the next 5 years.

What inspired the design that you created for Stinky? 

A huge part of my illustration “style” has always been inspired by pop art, the DIY culture, the YBAs and mostly Keith Haring. Just before creating the design for Stinky, I saw his first solo exhibition in the UK and that must have contributed.

Do you have any advice for those who will take part in the 2021 Stinky Socks Design Contest? 

Don’t follow trends. Don’t draw for likes. And don’t follow anyone’s advice.

Where people could check your work?

Most of the interesting pieces are on Insta –

Find out more about the Stinky Socks Design contest and how you may have your sock design produced by Stinky here.