Interview with the ’21 Design Contest winner

  • 2021 marked the second year of our annual Design Contest. It was a great surprise for us to only receive over 380 design submissions in the second year. But one stands out, Ina’s work grabbed the eyes of the jury, and it was no brainer that she won the contest. We sat down for a quick conversation with Ina to learn more about her and what inspired her winning design.
  • What made you join the Stinky Socks Design Contest in 2021? 
  • Most of my friends and colleagues told me about this contest and I decided to try it, so I made a couple of designs during my lunch time at work. Lucky me i won 😀

  • What inspired the design that you created for Stinky? 
  • The design is inspired by nature and the balance itself. I always do some little doodles on my sketchbook and PC. I took some of my doodles and combined them, but at the same time, I was searching for the balance between human nature and mother earth 🙂 so the blue color is the sky, the pattern is nature, and the smiley face in the middle of the eye in the heart is the sun, and this represents us and our good vibe, so this sock is made with a lot of love and good vibe <3
  • Do you have any advice for those who will take part in the 2022 Stinky Socks Design Contest? Yes, just do it and make it and of course try to provoke yourself with your idea and method of art direction and design.

Our Stinky Design Contest is an open call for designers, creators, and free mind-spirits to deliver some outstanding sock ideas. The winner will take home a year’s supply of Stinky Socks, and their design *may be featured in our Spring 2023 line! Read more and take part in it here.