Introducing the Blind Collab line

We took some of the best humans we know, and we paired them in the most unexpected way. We gave each two of them a simple task – make a design without knowing what the other one is designing. Check out the following designs and you’ll know why we call them “blind collabs”. Above Mike Gray and Jake Schaible took that sock design to next level without even knowing that.
Blind Collab-Austin and Jeffy x Stinky Socks
The Trollhaugen finest Austin Young and Jeffy Gabrick took it to the dark side.
Blind Collab-Nick and Erik x Stinky Socks
This is what happens when Erik Leon meets Nick Dirks, and the tulips meet the cherry.
Check with your local shop for a pair of the “Blind Collab” and our full Fall ’16 line here.