Jesse Paul’s Board Bag podcast

You’ve probably lived under a rock if you don’t know who Jesse Paul is. But we really want to say it here that this is one of the most creative snowboarders of our days, one of the smartest dudes you’ll meet and all this wrapped up in an awesome personality.

Well this guy just started a podcast, with all the equipment fitted in a board bag, but what’s most important is that he’ll chat with some of your favorite snowboarders on a healthy living wile traveling and being a pro snowboarder.

#1 Episode catches up Chris Grenier, talking about his sobriety, keto diet, mental clarity and for sure you are getting a topic Grenier chat.

#2 Episode Jesse Paul meets with Amanda Hankinson and talks with her about her battle with cancer, marathons, turning vegan and what keeps her motivated.

#5 Episode meets Jesse with one of the best snowboarders Bode Merrill, they both talk about living as a vegetarian, surviving avalanche, and stuff outside of that.

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