Ninja Squad – Trip to Kalavryta, Greece

The local Greek brand Sneak Aces invited the Ninja Squad dudes to Kalavryta Resort in Greece, for a weekend of snowboarding, make sure to check their webpage here. Stole bunch of photos shot on film from Rosina and her blog. Hit this link for more.

tumblr_nlbrnpu5gO1u0w0qbo1_1280Stretch is a must for rides over 10 hours. tumblr_nlbrhndrGi1u0w0qbo1_1280You don’t actually expect to do much snowboarding down south. Niki is in deep thoughts of what’s up there on the hill.

Risto capturing it all on Super 8.tumblr_nlbrf0tPbE1u0w0qbo1_1280Kalavrita hill looked rad rad! tumblr_nlbranNe2d1u0w0qbo1_1280Can’t loose Coco on the hill.

11074589_10153093697554627_968853397_nShot guns all day every day. 11070604_10153095661099627_607666467672759353_nHeineken shot guns.tumblr_nlbr1pvkC91u0w0qbo1_1280Food in Greece is good, people risk lives walking on the tracks to get it. tumblr_nlbqvqnNY51u0w0qbo2_1280Keep on walking with those new Ninja Squad x Stinky socks. tumblr_nlbqruBJB01u0w0qbo3_r1_1280 Nikolay checking the house view from above.

11076087_10153093703169627_1528714926_nTrashtumblr_nlbqjeKeL21u0w0qbo2_r1_1280Downhill action on the “repetitive switchback serpentine” road. tumblr_nlbqkff3CI1u0w0qbo2_r1_1280Now you know why you want to go to GR. tumblr_nlbpbzPf511u0w0qbo1_1280Gas is cheap. tumblr_nlbp3qzOUy1u0w0qbo1_1280Coco checking those Trash League x Stinky socks on the hot spring edge.



Hot springs.




The blade. tumblr_nlbqatqLGE1u0w0qbo1_1280Thanks to Sneak Aces and Kalavryta Resort for navigating the Ninjas to such a rad trip to the hill and the beach.