Peter Limberg: For Cat

The loss of Catherine Pesavent in November 2019 was something I had a difficult time processing. She meant everything to me and I cared very much about her. Dealing with that loss was unbearable, but snowboarding became my biggest outlet. Every time I went boarding, I would tell myself “This is for Cat.” Through this journey I gained a lot of self-growth, new appreciation and outlooks on life. I wouldn’t have realized these things if it wasn’t for Cat. This project is the culmination of how I dealt with the loss. Thank you to my family, friends, and anyone involved with making this happen, I couldn’t have done this without you. Cat, I love you always. Thank you for everything. – Peter

“For Cat” was filmed by Dan Tyler, Riley Erickson, Dan Pergrin, Zak Peterson, and Trevor Slattery 

Edited by Riley Erickson