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Collectable Stinky Movie DVD

Collectable “Stinky Movie” DVD
Special edition DVD including photo book

The Story:

An imposing concrete structure provides a connection between the earth and the space in this enigmatic short story.  Twenty snowboarders are sent on a mysterious mission to the unknown landscapes of Bulgaria. Through their two week journey in the Stinky Socks country of origin, they discover the difference between the worlds, leading up to a unique showdown between east and west that results in a mind-bending trek through space and time.


Andrew Brewer, Liem Robinson, Jasper Tripp, Marcus Rand, Austin Young, Jessi Blackwell, Jeffy Gabrick, Nick Dirks, Erik Leon, Anastas Sunkov, Dann Bubelo, Ryan Rose, Mark Goodall, Ian Daily, Danny Kern, GBP, Marius Urbonavicius, Jake Schaible ,Aleksi Kemilainen and Joonas Eloranta

The Book:

limited 60 pages photo book with all analog shots, taken

during the trip by:

Danny Kern, Nick Dirks, Dimo, Risto and Erik Leon

Design by: Danny Kern