BGN 19.00


We are honored to partner with Krush and his crew of hard-core snowboarders, park builders, and amazing people who fuel the snowboarding community worldwide. Snowboy Production’s events represent the core of the snowboard industry and hold it tide, and being part of that is beyond anything we ever imagined starting Stinky thirteen years ago. This “Rake” socks are perfect for your everyday adventures in the city or in the mountain. The Bit-Bit mascot holds the rake that builds it all.

*Stinky Socks x Snowboy sticker Included with the pack

Sock specs:

Longer upper band from ankle to top for comfort
Extra stretch, Feet and forefoot zone padding,
Elastic arch support

AEGIS® antibacterial protection
Cool cotton maX® moisture removal

Available sizes: S-M; L-XL
PA: 30%
EL: 2%

This is a plastic free product, so we can leave this planet the way we found it.