BGN 29.00

Stinky Movie Sock

Stinky Movie sock + “Stinky Movie” DVD
Comes with a bonus DVD of the first Stinky Socks Movie.

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The movie is shot within two weeks in Bulgaria and it features: Andrew Brewer, Marcus Rand (Yawgoons), Danny Kern, Ian Daly, Jaspet Tripp (Strange Brew), Jake Schaible, Nick Dirks, Erik Leon, Joonas Eloranta, Jessi Alfredo Blackwell, Aleksi Kemilainen, Jeffy Gabrick, Austin Young, the GREMLINZ crew and more.

Socks specs:
thick design
extra stretch for maximum stability
comfortable upper band
natural fabric
extra soft
elastic arch and ankle support
cushioned arch
padded toe
left right specific toe shape

AEGIS® antibacterial protection
Cool cotton maX® moisture removal
Available sizes: S-M; L-XL
Cotton 79%
Nylon 20%
Elastan 1%