BGN 19.00

Stinky x Humor

We are honored to present you with the collaboration between Stinky Socks and the world-famous Museum House of Humor and Satire. Located in the heart of the mountain town of Gaborov, this museum was created to serve both creators and appreciators of humorous art from around the globe.

This mismatching pair is a symbol of the Cat of Gabrovo and the story about her tail, designed by the local artists @dzhingibi

*Stinky Socks sticker included in the pack

Sock specs:

Lightweight cotton

A longer upper band from ankle to top for comfort
Extra stretch, Feet, and forefoot zone padding,
Elastic arch support

AEGIS® antibacterial protection
Cool cotton maX® moisture removal

Available sizes: S-M; L-XL
PA: 20%
EL: 2%

This is a plastic-free product. We’ve removed the single-use plastic and substituted them with compostable corn starch bags.