Proudly introducing the next-level merino wool Arctic Fox line

We at Stinky Socks are proud to introduce our merino wool performance equipment, the Arctic Fox. Inspired by the outdoors, we’ve created a line that will bring comfort to everyone who’s on it, for the adventurers that will never settle down, for those who want to stay comfortable with every step of their journey.

We’ve selected the finest merino wool, produced it in Italy, and built a proudly made and responsible high-end product in Europe.

We won’t stop there. We’ve selected fine Merino Wool to also be for those who wish their trip to continue even in their everyday lives. Feel the comfort everywhere you go. Our “Fox Crew” socks perform identically whether you are in nature or around the city. You’ll stay fresh for longer. Giving you the most comfort that you can get, no matter the season, the weather, or the action that you’ll get into.

Odor-free, breathable, natural UV protection are just a few of the specs that this Arctic Fox line caries. If you want to dive into that merino wool experience locate the nearest retailer here.

Made with ❤️ in Bulgaria