Proudly presents the CREW COLLABS – FALL 2016

The Crews are huge part of what the stinky family is, read bellow to know what’s new for 2016.
We extremely excited to welcome the Too Hard girls joining officially to Yawgoons, Strange Brew, GBP and Ninja Squad as part of our crew program. Danyale Jane Patterson, Fancy Rutherford and their squad are what we want to see in the girls snowboarding. Give them a follow @toohardsquad watch their G.O.A.T. movie and grab yourself a pair from your local shop.
Jupiter People x Stinky Socks
The Jupiter People collab idea came within a chair ride with Kyle Schaefer at Big Bear. He came up with this sick “Destroy All Lines” sock idea.
Common Apparel x Stinky Socks
Born in Duluth Minnesota, Common Apparel is not only a brand but a collective movement, they’ve been huge supporters to what Stinky is. Stocked to have this “Van Art” collab design with them. This sock was designed based off their first team road trip in Billy Bottoms van cross country filming “When are We.” All these drawings were from people they met during the travels, and thats where this idea was born. Make sure to check their crew featuring Jesse Paul, Mike Liddle and more here.