Slappy Hour ’21 Photo Recap

We had this idea to create an event. An event that would be inclusive to a wide range of skill levels, low consequence features, and very skate session inspired.

ph. Trevor Slattery

Creeper ledges, slappy curbs, firecracker style features, the whole nine yards.

ph. Trevor Slattery
ph. Trevor Slattery

We recognize the place for these slopestyle contests, big sponsor dollar impressive builds, and these events that push the progression of snowboarding but we at Stinky want to introduce Slappy Hour as an event that can be not only appreciated but participated by everyone.

ph. Trevor Slattery

Whether you’re a greenhorn earning your first turns and boardslides or you’re mastering all eight 270’s, Slappy Hour encourages whatever your boarding brings to the table.

ph. Evan Pierce / RP
ph. Evan Pierce / TB
ph. Evan Pierce / Bobby Shemon
ph. Evan Pierce
ph. Evan Pierce / Erik Block
ph. Evan Pierce / Joe
ph. Evan Pierce / Kiefer
ph. Evan Pierce
ph. Trevor Slattery
ph. Trevor Slattery / Mike Skiba
ph. Trevor Slattery / Logan

Huge shout out to the greatest – Trollhaugen, Marsha Hovey, Boody, Blake Geis, Jeffy Gabrick, Cooper Curtice, Evan Pierce, Trevor Slattery, Dan Pergrin, Joey Peterson, Keegan Tank, Trollhaugen Park Crew and all the riders!

Tanner Burch reporting from Trollhaugen Troll – Dresser, Wisconsin.

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