You are bored? What about drawing a sock design for us? We are on a look for some wild sock design ideas, and we want you to be part of this. The winner will take home year’s supply of Stinky Socks and his design *may be featured in our Spring 2021 line!

The rules are simple:

1.Visit our Instagram and find the announcing IG story

2.Screenshot the sock drawing template from our IG story or if you want to play it pro download the hi-rez file from here.

3.Get wild with the drawings but make sure to check our current designs for inspiration here.

4.Submit your designs via IG story, and make sure you tag @stinky_socks by April 10th 2020

5.Our team will choose the winer and will announce it by April 15th 2020

For any questions that you may have you can reach us out here and don’t forget to read the small font text bellow.

This contest follows up our #stayhomestinky initiative, that aims to inspire everyone to stay home and contribute to the battle with Covid 19. Read more about it here.

The participation at this contest does not require physical purchasing of any of the Stinky Socks products. The big prize of year’s supply is 12 pairs of Stinky Socks from our lifestyle line received at once. All submissions must use the provided template form. If the form is not used we won’t consider your work as an entry. *The physical production of the design depends on the complexity of the design idea and we may not be able to produce it.

Blog post illustration: Slav Vitanov