Some Peoples Kids on Vimeo

Some Peoples Kids, a snowboard movie for the masses! A glorious combination of sleepless nights, friendly beers, and some peoples kids who had nothing better to do than to do what they love. Winches break down, cops get called, rails get capped, but this dont mean shit to some peoples kids. A plethora of heavy tricks, gnarly slams, and an all around knee slappin good time! Featuring the riding talents of Greyson Clifford, Jamal Dhayni, Morgan Anderson, Brian Stanley, Danny Buller, Sheldon Dailey, Bret Griesemer, Gregg McCauley, Tom Semotuk, Josh Bishop, Kyle Hay and friends. WATCH OR DIE!!!!! niko nakamura, ninja, stinkyfamily,stinky socks,snowboarding,skateboarding,pictures,videos,best socks,for snowboarding,#stinkyfamily,