Stinky Design Contest 2021 – The winners are

The cover photo is a collaboration between 📸 Veliko Balabanov; 🎨 ShredMango

🌯 It’s time to wrap up this year’s design contest.
Words can’t describe how amazed we are for how engaged you guys were during these past four weeks. We’ve got creative people tunning in with designs from all over the world. We’ve got near two thousand people voting for the “Viewer’s Choice” prize, and we’ve got hundreds of DMs just saying how stoked you guys are on the Stinky Design Contest ’21.

The viewers have spoken, and they’ve selected the winner of the “Viewer’s Choice” prize.
🥇The winner is the “Stinky Skate Buds” design by @fabawiister. They’ll take home a year’s supply of Stinky Socks.

It was a tide race, so we decided to award the second and the third in the poll.
🥈2nd is “OG Classics” by @yanniieh13, winning six pairs of Stinky Socks

🥉3rd is “Wrong” by @yoanfillev, winning three pairs of Stinky Socks

🔥The wild card goes to @diyanivanovkot, who submitted designs enough for a whole new line of Stinky Socks. He will take home a year supply of Stinky Socks.

👑 This year’s winner is “See You” by @piratejazzy

Thank you, everyone, for taking part in the second annual Stinky Socks Design Contest. For us, it was a pleasure, we’ll see you next year around the same time. Stay safe!

✌🏻 Risto, Dimo & the Stinky Family