Stinky Fall 2012

I guess we are the first to admit it but yeah, our socks are Stinky!

We’ve created that sock inspired by the idea of “Keep skateboarding a crime”. Stinky Criminal is out there to support you while skateboarding or just having a party. Make sure to keep its face shown!

All dirty came to be a hustler, but didn’t went too far. Anyway he is the master of getting girls’ clothes down.

A good opportunity to get your lazy ass do something good for the environment is Stinky Earth. Ride For Earth and Stinky are down there for you, put a cool sock on your feet and we will plant a tree for your purchase.

You know hairy legs are awesome. If you don’t have some, just go and get the Big Foot sock!

The name talks itself, dive into the soft purple haze!

A Hero for the days when you need to be more than usual up to the hill.

Enjoy the summer and prepare yourself for the Stinky fall. Daily updates at our facebook page here