Stinky Movie – Andrew Brewer Interview

We’ll be running short interviews with the crew members of the Stinky Movie trip to Bulgaria. We’ll feature questions from us and will throw in the mix the best questions that some of you asked for each one of the guys over our Instagram, check all of them HERE. The one that you’ll read bellow is with Andrew Brewer, growing up watching Brewer snowboarding in some of the most epic snowboarding movies, the Tech9 movies from back in the day, got us hyped to have him here. He came and nailed it on every spot that he snowboarded at and every bar that he entered to. Here are his Bulgarian impressions.

-The trip to Bulgaria was the first time, when pretty much all of the Stinky Fam got together. What was the feeling meeting the whole crew?
The feeling was awesome. I had never met a handful of the people. Meeting Jonas for the first time was rad cause we both ride for Death Label. It was just fun hanging with everyone. Such a big crew and always such close quarters made it a blast. Cant wait til next time!!

-How was Bulgaria? What’s the impression that you’ve got to the country from that trip? 
I think the first thing that impressed me with Bulgaria was how beautiful it was. Im a huge history fan and seeing all the old buildings is incredible. Second thing was just how reasonable everything cost. Beers and food were delicious and so cheap. I know everyone balled out a bit.

-What was the first thing you’ve said to your friends once you got back from the trip?
There are a couple things I talked about when I got back. First was probably just the size of the crew. Ive never hit any spot let alone a street spot with over twenty people. Other than that I always talk about Borovets and our hotel rooms. Looking off our balcony onto that town with the ski resort all lit up at night just seemed like a fantasy dream world. I really hope to go back there sometime.

-What was the feeling to be on that national TV show?
Haha TV was awesome. When I was told they wanted me I kind of cracked up. It was really tricky though concentrating on the interviewer speaking in Bulgarian and then trying to talk over the interpreter. What a cool experience though. Luckily I had my wing man Jeffy to share the stage with. TV studios are crazy. Oh hahaha and then watching our interpreter get denied a selfie with the host of the show cracked me up. Haha good times.

-What u think about our home mountain @uzanaruns ? Instagram Question by @uzanaruns
Your home mountain was so sick. The fact you guys have any open canvas to build what you want is so cool. And just riding the rope tow at night was incredible. The view at the top on a misty night looking down under the lights, at essentially your own private resort, was almost indescribable to people. Loved that place.

– 5 Bulgarian words?  Instagram Question by @ko.leto 

Oh jeeze man. I only remember the word Rahkia haha.



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