Stinky Movie – Austin Young Interview

We’ll be running short interviews with the crew members of the Stinky Movie trip to Bulgaria. We’ll feature questions from us and will throw in the mix the best questions that some of you asked for each one of the guys over our Instagram, check all of them HERE.

With a great pleasure we are sharing with the thoughts that Austin Young shared with us about his Bulgarian trip. AY got one of the best styles, that’ snowboarding brainer since he’s comping out of the icy hills of Trollhaugen, Austin’s way of snowboarding is a huge inspiration to a ton of kids out there, his 1817 clips are what got us hyped on Trollhaugen and made us want to go there. It was a cold February night at Troll when the idea for the Stinky Movie came out between Austin Young, Marcus Rand, Dimo and myself. 

-The trip to Bulgaria was the first time, when pretty much all of the Stinky Fam got together. What was the feeling meeting the whole crew?

Well there were only three people that knew I was heading out. It was LAST minute on the details and flight. I landed after missing my first flight due to weather. When I landed in Bulgaria, I walked outside and lost my shit. I was freaking out. That was just by myself. When I got connected with  Risto and  a small part of the crew, it was game over for anything in my way. Finding out what was legal and not. What we were doing.  Was fired up! 

AY at Uzana Runs ph. Danny Kern

-How was Bulgaria? Anything that got stuck in your head?

Every place I visited is still imbedded in my skull. But the First Clurb Jeffy and I went into. Well, that was one for the books. Following night, I almost fought a bouncer. And out of no where. Sawyer Deen saved me from something terrible happening. 

-What was the first thing you’ve said once you got back from the trip? 

I’ve never left before. So. That was the kicker for me. Throw some great people, food, beers,etc. and you have the time of your life. 

Bulgarian Cuisine ph. Danny Kern

-What was the feeling to film with that many people at once?  

It wasn’t that different filming with that many people. Besides, you don’t want to do the same thing as someone else. Good thing there was plenty of spots. Just not the amount of snow we were hoping for. 

-Best place in Bulgaria?

Best place…..The Hostile at Uzana Runs 

Phone Calls with the Fam ph. Danny Kern 

-Any shout outs?

Shout outs for life to Risto and Dimo. You guys are the heart and soul of this company and without them, well, I’d be wearing socks that I bought years ago. But for real though, biggest shouts to my StinkyFamily! We fo lyfe! 


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