Stinky Movie – Jake Schaible Interview

We’ll be running short interviews with the crew members of the Stinky Movie trip to Bulgaria. We’ll feature questions from us and will throw in the mix the best questions that some of you asked for each one of the guys over our Instagram, check all of them HERE.
The first to go is Jake Schaible, he stayed longer and spent over a month traveling around Bulgaria and filming for the movie.

-The trip to Bulgaria was the first time, when pretty much all of the Stinky Fam got together. What was the feeling meeting the whole crew?

I’ve always watched the whole Stinky family over the years, these dudes are some of my favorites to watch snowboard. Finally having the chance to meet everyone in Bulgaria was insane. Partying, traveling and snowboarding with all of them is something I’ll never forget.

-How was Bulgaria? What’s the impression that you’ve got to the country from that trip? 

My first impressions of Bulgaria blew me away, it was humbling to say the least. Everything was so cheap. We were eating and drinking for little to nothing. 2 liters of beer and street pizza, couldn’t have been any better.

-What was the first thing you’ve said to your friends once you got back from the trip?

The first thing I told my friends after coming home from Bulgaria was that we all have to go back. Bulgaria is a hidden gem. So many spots that have barely been touched and the cheapest country in Europe. You can spend all winter there filling and spending very little money. Pretty ideal for a snowboarder on a budget.

-You stayed longer than the rest of the crew, how was it? Anything cool to share with the rest of the guys that weren’t here?

Yeah, I was there for about 5 weeks. The only thing I wished they were all there for was going to Smolyan. That city had so many spots and the police would help us get clips by blocking off spots until we got our tricks. It was insane!

-Best spot in Bulgaria? (Instagram Question by

The best spot in Bulgaria for me was Smolyan. So many spots and the fact that the police helped us made it that much easier to get shit done.

-Did you enjoy the food here?What was your favorite dish? (Instagram Question by @minabnkva)

The food in Bulgaria was so good. I’m always so curious to try local dishes. I was able to try pig ears, chicken hearts and goat brains. They all sound a little suspect, but tasted so good. The veggies taste so fresh, it blew me away, they taste nothing like they do back home. Walking around Sofia you can stop at little shops and get street pizza, giros and so many other good foods. The food definitely made the trip that much more enjoyable!


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