Stinky Movie – Jeffy Gabrick Interview

We’ll be running short interviews with the crew members of the Stinky Movie trip to Bulgaria. We’ll feature questions from us and will throw in the mix the best questions that some of you asked for each one of the guys over our Instagram, check all of them HERE. Today we are presenting you Jeffy Gabrick, a Trollhaugen Troll local and your favorite snowboarders favorite snowboarder, Jeffy is the vape god while having unique snowboarding style and killing in in the thrift store game. Ready bellow for more about the Bulgaria trip:

-The trip to Bulgaria was the first time, when pretty much all of the Stinky Fam got together. What was the feeling meeting the whole crew?

Yup! First time in Europe! It was really sick to meet a bunch of new people and to see a lot of familiar faces! One thing that I really love about being a part of the stinkyfamily is right when you meet a new person on the family, your’e instantly friends. The whole crew is such a good group of people that it’s hard not to have a smile on your face when your’e around everyone!

-How was Bulgaria? What’s the impression that you’ve got to the country from that trip? 

Bulgaria is so fun! To be honest, when I was first flying in, I was concerned when I landed because there was no snow and it was 50 degrees. But the mild weather made it ideal for being a tourist and walking around Sofia. And when we got up into the mountains to do some boarding, my mind was blown! Between the amount of snow, the crazy spots that we got to ride at, and the motivation of the everyone, it was perfect! AND THE FOOD! Oh my GOD! Unbelievably good. Whenever I talk about my trip with anyone, it’s the first and last thing I talk about. Please send me snacks from Bulgaria!

-What was the first thing you’ve said to your friends once you got back from the trip?

The first thing I said was “sorry for not bringing back snacks” hahahahaha! Again, please send me Bulgarian snacks.

-How was the thrift scene out there?

The thrift scene was wild out there! So funny story about that, we went to a thrift store and I had no clue how everything worked. But apparently, you had to be a member of this place to shop there. I found a bunch of stuff and was ready to pay for it all. The lady that was checking me out didn’t know any English and I know zero Bulgarian words. I wanted to pay for all of my stuff but she would not let me and I had no idea why. While this is happening, I had lost Dimo and Risto in the store. So I’m standing there while this lady is yelling at me, telling me I can’t buy anything from her and I had no idea what she was saying at all. After a decently sized line formed behind me, we finally got everything figured out.

-What’s the ICP following like over there? (instagram question) @david_harrington94

I can confidently say that I was the only person that had an ICP shirt in the entire country.

-Why would Tommy get mad?  (instagram question) @rist0

I was destroying a pair of very finely crafted Hilfiger Athletic track pants. Shout out Tommy Hilfiger for keeping me looking trendy! (Give me free stuff)

-Which is stronger: your love for boarding or mikes love for dr. Pepper? (instagram question) @blakegeis

Mikes love for Dr. Pepper. I love snowboarding a lot but I don’t think God loves the wold as much as Mike loves a can of DP at 6am

-What happened when Austin showed up out of no where?(instagram question) @younaustin

That was insane! We were just wrapping up at a spot and Joonas was doing this crazy ass ollie and I was making sure he didn’t run into actual pile of vans we had, I look over the corner for what ever reason, and he’s walking up YELLING at me! We had been talking about how sick it was going to be in Bulgaria and then he found out, he couldn’t go. He found out he had a green light to come over while I was there and hoped on the first flight he could get on! It was a complete shock to me! He has been such a sick snowboard inspiration to me for so long! Always a good time with that dude!

-Favorite snowboarder and or thrift store? (instagram question) @tony_leininger

I have too many favorite snowboarders. But if there’s one dude that I could watch all day and still demand more, it would have to be Jake OE. Favorite thrift store is a secret ; ). But if you ever need sick second hand clothes, go to Urban Jungle or Good Vibes Vintage.



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