Stinky Movie: Soundtrack

It’s the holiday season and the Christmas carols are all around us, here is and 30 minutes of alternative tunes straight out of our Stinky Movie.  You can get the Stinky Movie in digital or hard copy along with some merchandise here

Our movie wouldn’t be the same without those artists, so make sure to follow their work. Scroll down for song list and links. 

– Mitch Wiseman –

– Dead Vibrations  “Reflections”

– Mars Water “Where The Sun Sets” –

– After Hours “I Don’t Wanna Cray” 

– New Husband “Only You” –

– It Looks Sad. “Creature” –

– Helvetia “RyBro” –

– Department S “Is Vic There” –

– NOIRE “He’s My Baby” –