Stinky Movie with exclusive VHS release

We are beyond stoked to share with you the first ever Stinky Socks snowboarding movie.

Growing up during the late 90’s in Bulgaria our only peak into the world snowboarding scene were through magazines and movies. We still remember the time when there was only one VHS copy of a movie in our town, and we had to wait for it to go through everyone so we could watch it. By the time we put our hands on a copy of magazine or movie some pages were ripped and hung on someone’s wall or there were overwritten spots on the VHS tape.

Even though they were hard to access, this is what got us hooked on snowboarding and formed us not only as a snowboarders, but as personalities. The movies, the magazines and everyone who was in them created who we are.

This is Stinky’s seventh year and this is the year we present you our first movie, and ever since we created Stinky Socks our dream was to have that movie. In January 2018 we invited thirty of our team guys to come and join us during that adventure. Entirely filmed within two weeks in Bulgaria, we present you the Stinky Movie on an exclusive VHS tape, paying tribute to how everything started for us.

Make sure to check the Stinky Movie – World Tour dates, and join us on the mission to get the local communities together just before the season. Fun dates and locations updates are HERE.

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