“Stinky Movie” World Tour Stops

It was January 2017 when the idea for a trip to Bulgaria came out, August 2017 we invited 27 of our family guys to come join us on an filming adventure. They all showed up in January 2018 and spent two weeks of traveling and exploring the lands of Bulgaria, visiting places that made us who we are right now, snowboarded the hills that we grew up on, lived a life as we are living it right now. All that for 14 days adventure across the country, captured in the first ever Stinky Socks movie. The “Stinky Movie” world premiere tour is about to hit the road in October, November and December, check the locations bellow.

Come join us and watch snowboarders from all over the world:  Andrew Brewer, Jasper Tripp, Marcus Rand, Austin Young, Jessi Blackwell, Jeffy Gabrick, Nick Dirks, Erik Leon, Mark Goodall, Ian Daily, Danny Kern, the GBP crew, Marius Urbonavicius, Jake Schaible, Joonas Eloranta, Aleksi Kemilainen and more. The original cover artwork is done by Dido Peshev at Bare Hands Society, and the design is by Lokum Creative. They did amazing work, so show them some love by visiting their websites and follow their work over Instagram here and here.

The World Premiere will be at Big Bear during HDHR September 22nd, the second one is at at Trollhaugen at the Fall Fest ’18 – Oct 7th and the rest of the world will follow. Stick around, the release is on hard copy and iTunes only so you better not miss any of the screenings.  If you can’t make it to any of the spots above, and you would like to have screening around you, email us and we’ll make it happen!

Dates and locations will be updated here:

*BIG BEAR, CA {World Premiere} – Sept. 22. 18  /during HDHR/

Big Bears Boards // Doors open at 5 PM

*TROLLHAUGEN, WI – Oct.07.20 /during Fall Fest 2018/

Trollhaugen Troll // Lodge opens at 6:30 PM

Facebook event link.

*POLAND – /11th Winter Is My Love – snowboard film festival/

Warsaw – Oct.5/6.18 //Kinoteka// Doors open at 6 PM
Poznan –  Oct.10.18 //Rialto// Doors open at 6 PM
Wroclaw – Oct.14.18 //Helios// Doors open at  6 PM
Krakow – Oct.19.18 //Ars// Doors open at 7:30 PM
Bielsko – Biała – Oct.21.18 //Helios Magnolia// Doors open at 6 PM
Lublin – Nov.9/10.18 //Bajka// Doors open at 6 PM

*VILNIUS, LT – Oct.09.18

Narauti Bar // Doors open at 6 PM

Facebook event link. 

*HELSINKI, FI – Oct.11.18

Tenho Restobar // Doors open at 8 PM

Facebook event link. 

*WEST DOVER, VT – Oct.13.18

Invasion Boardshop // Doors open at 5 PM

Facebook event link.


Purdue Ski Club // Doors open at 7 PM

Mad Mushroom Pizza

*HAMSEDAL, NO – Oct.19.18

Hemsedal Cafe // Doors open at 8 PM

*SOFIA, BG – Oct.20.18

Cinema House // Doors open at 9.30 PM

Facebook Event link.  // Tickets link

*PORTLAND, ME – Oct.20.18

LULULEMON SHOP // presented by MOCEAN SKATESHOP // Doors open at 6 PM

*VARNA, BG – Oct.20.18 /Rampaholics-Skate For Your Life/

HALLE 3 // Doors open at 11 AM

Facebook Event link. 

*BOULDER, CO – 29.10.18//

University of Colorado at Boulder – Doors open at 8:30 PM

*OREBRO, SE –  Nov.03.18 /Freeride Film Festival 2018/

Kiosk Skateshop

*AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS –  Nov.02.18 /Freeride Film Festival 2018/

Pathé (Tuschinski) Theater // Doors open at 5 PM

*MODENA, IT – Nov.02.18 /Rock&Ride Festival/

Tube Club // Doors open at 10PM

*TAHOE, CA – Boreal Mountain – Nov.16.18

Boreal Mountain // Hour TBA

*KILLINGTON, VT – Nov.16.18 // Presented by Darkside Shop//

Jax Foods and Games // Doors at 7PM

*TOKYO, JP – Nov.17.18

LIL’LA (Shibuya) // Doors at 8PM

Stinky Movie and Dirty Pimp ICONIC premier & party

*ATHENS, GR – Nov.24.18 /Flow Film Festival/

Piraeus university of Aplied sciences

*THESSALONIKI, GR – Dec.01.18 /Flow Film Festival/

Warehouse D – City port

*RUSSIA – /Snowvision Festival/

Moscow 15-18 November
Saint-P 22-25 November
Novosibirsk 22-25 November
Kaliningrad 22-25 November
Sheregesh resort 23-24 November
Chelyabinsk 28 November-2 December
Saratov 29 November – 2 December
Tomsk 29 November – 2 December
Ekaterinburg 29 November – 2 December
Krasnoyarsk 29 November – 2 December
Kamchatka 3-6 December


The Board Basement Shop // Date and hour TBA


h-l Rila Borovets // Date and hour TBA