Stinky is on Instagram

If you still don’t know we are on Instagram and you can find us @stinkyfamily , or if you are on your desctop just click on that link and you’ll be joining us on webstagram. There are bunch of photos bellow, just to let you know what’s up there.

We do some previews of the future Stinky’s socks. This is the Stinky Criminal, which is probably the most comfortable skateboard sock ever made. We will get for you a product info real soon.

Here you got our boy Sasho just chilin’ through a vintage camera display.

This is Dimo from our Bulgarian team hitting an retro playground with a sick nose blunt.

The Stinky Criminal face!

This is our top Stinky for the summer called Stinky Earth. Our RFE x Stinky collaboration is nature dedicated, you can read more here, and don’t forget to peep the video it’s super mellow.

The draft drawing  of Stinky Earth pack, it came out super good you’ll see it soon!