The cover photo is a collaboration between 🛹 Yavor Ski; 📸 Veliko Balabanov; 🎨 ShredMango

This is the second annual Design Contest, and we are looking for designers, creators, and free mind-spirits to deliver some wild sock ideas. The winner will take home year’s supply of Stinky Socks, and theirs design *may be featured in our Spring 2022 line! Get inspired and read the 2021 winners interview here, then come back and read the full rules below.

We respect your creativity and time, so please respect the following simple rules and submission guidelines

1. Download the sock drawing template from here.

2. Get wild with the drawings but make sure to check our current designs for inspiration here. This will give you a brief idea of what’s doable.

3. Submit as many designs as you want via IG story, and tag @stinky_socks by 23:59 h on April 10th, 2021. Make sure your account is not private.

4. There will be two winners, the grand prize and the viewer’s choice. The grand prize will get a year’s supply of socks and the chance to see the design *produced with our Spring 2022 line. The viewer’s prize will receive a year’s supply of socks.

5. From April 11th, we’ll upload all submitted designs, and until April 15th, there will be public voting for all submissions on Meanwhile, we’ll choose the grand prize winner.

6. On April 16th we’ll announce the winers on

You can reach us out here for any questions that you may have and don’t forget to read the small font text below.

The winner from our first annual Stinky Socks Design Contest 2020 – “See Trough You” by Nolita No.

Participation at this contest does not require physical purchasing of any of the Stinky Socks products. The big prize of year’s supply is 12 pairs of Stinky Socks from our lifestyle line received at once, the same applies for the Viewers Choice winner. All submissions must use the provided template form and the submission process. If the form and the process are not followed, we may not consider your work as an entry.

*The physical production of the design depends on the complexity of the design idea. Due to production limitations, we may not be able to produce it.