Stinky Socks Holiday’17

We teamed up with the photographer Vasil Germanov and went out on the streets in a cold night with Elena Nazarova. Check their instagram profiles @thinktanklab // @elenka.nana and look for a pair of Stinky Socks in your local shop here. Don’t miss the video just bellow the photos.

Thoughts on the biggest question answered by a beautiful poem written by – Bea Giusti.
A video shot with the people we life for:
Deo Katunga, Elena Nazarova, Dimitar Dimov, Zdavko Keremidchiev, Nikolay Dimitrov, Yavor Ski, Johnny Miller, Jesse Alfredo, Vladimir Todorov, Bob Abrams, Austin Young, Taylor Jeffers, Marcus Rand, Vladimir Ivanov.
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