Stinky Socks presents the Slappy Hour at Troll

Stinky Socks presents our first installment of Slappy Hour! Slappy Hour is our freestyle jam session that aims to recreate the atmosphere of the parking lot skateboard session and bring it to our realm of snowboarding. With some signature twists, low consequence features, and a loose contest format, Slappy Hour peruses to create an inviting and non-threatening session that can be enjoyed from all skill levels of snowboarding.

When it came to choosing Slappy Hour’s first kick-off location we could not think of any place more appropriate than Trollhaugen.

With its fast pace riding, range of skill level, and dedicated park crew that consistently pushes the envelope on progressive terrain parks, it was almost too easy of a decision. Slappy Hour embarks to be a staple in the Stinky Socks agenda to refresh our community, the resorts, and the riders about what snowboarding is about… Getting out with your friends and boarding!

It’s Slappy Hour somewhere!

March 14th 2021 / Trollhaugen Troll, Dresser, WI 🇺🇸