Stinky Socks Spring ’17

We are exited to present you our Spring ’17 Stinky Socks line. For this spring line we decided to collaborate with some awesome crews and companies in order to give you chance to enjoy our Stinky Socks on everyday bases. Scroll down and learn more… or go and shop here or find your local shop here.
third eye co
The Third Eye Co. x Stinky Socks “Crystals” collab is inspired by the Third Eye’s company products and craftsmanship. The crystals on the socks are symbol of the amethysts that the founders of the company dig themselves and make their jewelries with them. Learn more and watch a video of few day camping trip digging crystals in the desert here.
stinky dale
The “Stinky Dale” Strange Brew x Stinky sock design is inspired by the Strange Brew’s finest Ian Daly, if you know him you know him. If not get a pair of this sock and “take a wiff” once you spend few days wearing them, they for sure won’t get stinky.
The Rhode Island’s finest and one of the most inspirational snowboarding crews we all know Yawgoons and their everyday sock version. The “HOPE” design pays tribute to the Rhode Island’s origin of the crew, and stand for that there is hope for all of us. Perfect for skateboarding and for just hanging around you better get that anchor on your feet soon.
The GBP x Stinky sock, after launching the first crew collaboration with the crew from Vermont three years ago, they’ve been huge part of the stinky family across the globe. Now this is a simple design that you can wear on a daly bases while cruising the streets and skateboarding.
The Stinky “Purple” sock gets you back to the good wild days of the 80″s, if you feel like standing out this is a design for you. Extra soft and perfect for everyday use.
The “Fly” sock, takes it’s fly fishing inspiration to your daily life. Stand out and get that design shown to the world.
go stinky
Extra soft and comfortable the “Go” sock will make you feel good in the summer days and will keep your feet and yourself cool whole day long.
blue eyeInspired by Bulgarian folklore “Blue Eye” is a perfect sock for days and nights.

wings white

We are bringing back the “Wings” in white, all time favorite and best seller the Wings socks are perfect for your active life.

wings blackThe black Wings version is just the same as features.


The “Player” is a game changer, take it out while you are active and you’ll know the difference.


Plain is the best “Sunny” is just to make your day colorful.


The Stinky “Racer” is just for those who knows what they want. The design is made to give you refreshing feeling on a daily bases.

blue eye shortIf you just want another version of the “Blue Eye” design.

go shortThe “Go” Stinky in a ankle form is perfect if you are active and you don’t want to have a higher sock. With it’s thick bottom part this socks fills up your shoe well and gives you comfort and at the same time keeps you cool.

chergaAnother inspiration of the Bulgarian folklore, just keeping it simple.