Stinky Socks Winter 15/16 crew’s collaborations

Here in Stinky Socks we believe that the crews are fundamental part of the snowboarding culture. That’s why three years ago we created our Crew Program featuring the finest crews. Make sure to check out your local shop or just visit our online store here for a chance to get yourself some of those collaboration designs.
Yawgoons defiantly the most creative, dedicated and down to earth humans you’ve ever meet! It takes a lot of work and skills to turn that Rhode Island hill to one of the most influential snowboarding spots in the world.
The GBP guys don’t need any introduction, staying true since day one they’ve been inspiration for a lot of kids out there. Not only trough snowboarding but with the lifestyle that they have, working on their Sababa project building a self sustanable community. Keep them in your radars, there is always something good to be seen.
The party skeleton sock is just what the Strange Brew crew is, group of dedicated punks traveling around US in a van, taking the most of their lifes. Never ending snowboarding and parties.
The Ontario finest crew, gets a lot of kids around the world stoked on what they do. Keeping it trashy and creative, Mark Goodall, Mike Chmil and them Trash League guys are going to keep us stoked on snowboarding for a lot more years for sure.
Trollhaugen the funniest and the coolest place you can go, this small hill grows snowboarding aliens. Everything about it is a magic, especially during the Friday’s snowboarding till 3 AM. Write this place in you bucket list.
Ninja Squad are staying wrong and been different, doing their own thing around Bulgaria since 2002. The roots of Stinky Socks are actually coming out of the Ninja Squad’s ideology, staying true to yourself no matter what and who. Check out the rest of the #stinkyfamily here so you know who’s backing us up!