Stinky Socks X IvanPIF

Stinky Socks is thrilled to announce a unique collaboration with IvanPif, the Franco-Bulgarian illustrator, artistic director, and painter based in Paris. This partnership merges Stinky Socks’ bold style with IvanPif’s iconic imaginary characters, Travis and Mina, to introduce an exciting line of socks that exude positivity and vibrant energy just in time for the 2024 spring-summer season. Known for his music, fashion, and media work, IvanPif’s artistic vision brings joy and simplicity through his alter ego persona – Travis, and his beloved friend – Mina. Mina is a unique female character, deeply anchored in the artist’s familial story and named after his grand-grandmother Mina Todorova, Peyo Yavor’s* lifetime muse. The two heroes symbolize adventurous spirit and genuine friendship with their infectious smiles and effortless charm. Now, their delightful faces grace the latest collaboration with Stinky Socks, painting a picture of optimism and good vibes for wearers around the globe. Shop the design here.