Stinky Welcomes Vladimir Ivanov – Gibona

Vlad is one of the most dedicated skateboarders I  know, he’s been part of the Ninja Squad crew for a wile now but now it’s time to welcome him officially on Stinky.He would spent days to get what he wants to. I’m really happy that we had the chance to put together that part with him. He put a lot of energy for making sure he will get it done the way he wanted it. I’ve seen him spending two months skateboarding and filming in Athens and having less than 50 Euro, still he never asked for the “back home ticket” until he did not get all the clips that he wanted to.

I caught up with him about how does he feel about it, once it’s all done.

So, how long did you filmed for that part?

Not more than three months I think.

Where did you filmed it? 

We’ve did Berlin, Athens, Sofia and couple clips are from Gabrovo.

What is the thing that you’ll remember from all of that traveling? 

The good time with my friends, all those new people I met and the awesome places I’ve skated.

Is there anything that you would like to do again or redo it?

I would like to skateboard again in Berlin, without all that rain that we got there last time.

Your favorite Stinky sock?

Wings, for sure that’s the best skateboarding sock!

Thanks man, officially want to welcome you to the Stinky Family! 
For more of what’s Vlad up to check out his #stinkyfamily profile here

Stinky Socks Welcomes Vladimir Ivanov – Gibona from Stinky Socks on Vimeo.


photo:Kostas Mandilas | Athens