The Design Contest ’22 – winners

The third annual Stinky Socks Designs Contest is wrapped. For the past three years, we’ve been witnessing enormous amounts of love from creative minds from across the globe. The passion ad the dedication to all of you makes us stoked about this event. Thanks for taking your time and reviewing those fantastic submissions to all those who placed their vote for the Viewer’s Choice Award.

You guys made us excited and ready to grow and improve our contest for the upcoming years. Without further a due, here are the winners.

🥇The viewer’s choice goes to @baby.vandu, and the prize of a year’s supply of Stinky Socks.

🥈The second most liked design is “Thunderfly” by @juliana.saw.this that will receive six pairs of Stinky Socks.

🥉The third one goes to “Aziz” by @nudala, which will receive two Stinky Socks pairs.

🤪The Wild card goes to @baby.vandu, who submitted 43 designs and has been a great contributor to this contest.

🌎The Family award goes to the designs that were the most liked by the #stinkyfamily, and that is the “Alien Chica” by @_affaire.artistique_

🏆The Grand Prize of the Stinky Designs Contest 2022 and the chance to see their design produced with our Spring ’23 line is granted to “Calligraffiti” by Simeon Zhelev!

Thank you, everyone, for taking part in the third annual Stinky Socks Design Contest. As always, feel free to reach out and share your feedback. It helps us improve Stinky and your experience with the brand. For us, it was a pleasure. We’ll see you next year around the same time. Stay safe!

✌🏻 Risto, Dimo & the Stinky Family